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Sony PSP 3004 Price, Features and Specifications

Price (MRP): Rs. 7,990
Release date: January, 2009
Intro : The PSP-3004 is all about looking good, working perfectly and being as convenient, light, slim and portable as possible. Play games, movies, music and more. It's got a 4.3- LCD screen with the highest-contrast color ratio and best response time possible, plus anti-reflection technology so you can play in any conditions. We've also included a built-in microphone and Wi-Fi access that lets you play and chat in multi-player games or call friends for free on Skype. Hundreds of games, movies and TV shows are on Universal Media Disks (UMD) that you can pop into your PSP-3000 system anytime. Thousands more are available online. You can load up memory sticks with new games, free demos, comics, movies and TV shows from PlayStation Store, listen to Internet radio, browse online, automatically download your favorite podcasts, and hook your PSP-3004 system up to your TV if you want to watch on the big screen. The functionality of the video-out port is expanded to allow you to also enjoy games on non-progressive TVs using the Component AV Cable (sold separately).
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      Colors : Blue, Black, White, Red
      CPU : 333MHZ Processor
      Memory (MB) : 32
      Wireless Controller (Bluetooth) : True
      Joystick : False
      Stylus : False
      Laser Gun : False
      Built-in Speakers : True
      Games (Software) : False
      Audio/Video Cable : True
      Ethernet Cable : False
      AC Adapter : True
      Memory Card : True
      Battery : True
      User Programmability : False
  Online Services
      Video Chat : True
      Network Games : True
      Internet Browser : True
      Online Streaming : True
      Video Out : 1
      USB : 2
      Bluetooth : False
      Memory Stick Slot : True
      SD/Mini SD Port : True
      Compact Flash Port : True
      Supported Audio Formats :
      Display Type : LCD screen
      Touch Screen : False
      Resolution :  480 x 272
      Length (mm) - Packing : 71.0
      Width (mm) - Packing : 169.0
      Height (mm) - Packing : 18.6
      Weight(gms) : 189.0
  After Sales Service
      Warranty Period (Years) : 1.0


  Advanced LCD screen provides more natural and vibrant displays Built-in microphone allows you to easily enjoy games that utilise a microphone, as well as Skype? and other communication tools.
  For wireless networking it has for standard IEEE 802.11b/g, for security WEP (128- -bit / 64-bit) / WPA-PSK (TKIP) / WPA-PSK (AES) and for modulation format DS-SS (IEEE 802.11b compliant)
  It has AC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz input and DC 5V, 2000mA output
  It has AC adaptor: DC 5.0V / Rechargeable battery pack: Lithium-ION rechargeable battery pack
  It has LCD screen with 4.3 (10.9 cm) (16:9) full-transparent type, wide color gamut LCD with anti-glare screen, 480 x 272 pixel / approx. 16,770,000 colors displayed
  It has stereo speakerís read-only UMD internal disc drive
  The compatible codecís are UMD (Video: H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile Level 3 / Music: H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile Level 3, Linear PCM, ATRAC3plus) / Memory Stick
  The dimensions are (W x H x D) 169.4 x 18.6 x 71.4mm (excluding largest projection) and weight is 189g
  The inputs / outputs are USB 2.0. Memory Stick / SD / Compact Flash Built-in microphone DC IN 5V connector Charging terminals Headset connector Video out connector DC OUT connector
  The maximum power consumption is 6W (when charging)
  The UMD laser is semiconductor, continuous, 655 - 665nm wave length, Max. 0.28mW power


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