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Intro : La Opala Dinner sets are in vogue these days and so they are the perfect gift that you can send to your loved ones in India. This stunning dinner set consists of full plates, quarter plates, vegetable bowls, soup bowls and spoons, rice plate and casserole with lids. This dinner set will make your loved ones in India, feel proud. This dinner set is microwave safe, stain and scratch proof. It is break and chip resistant. It does not absorb food odor and color. Gifting dinner set is a good idea to newly-weds, house-wife and other relatives in India
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  29 pieces dinner set for Rs2,000, it includes: 6 full plates, 6 quarter plate, 6 vegetable bowls, 6 soup bowls, 2 casseroles, 1 round rice plate, 2 salt and pepper container (04)
  Casserole medium for Rs395 a convenient choice for everyday use as it is made of microwave-safe, chip-resistant and 100% recyclable material (05)
  Dessert bowls set for Rs. 1099, contains 6 dessert bowls, and 1 dessert serving bow, it is made of microwave-safe, chip-resistant and 100% recyclable material. (08)
  Diva 39 pcs dinner set for Rs. 3750 the contents are 6 dinner full plate, 6 quarter plate, 12 vegetable Bowl, 6 soup bowl, 6 spoon 1 oval rice plate, 2 serving bowl (06)
  It has 35 pieces dinner set for Rs.4295 has 6 pcs full plates, 6 pcs quarter plates, 6 pcs vegetable bowls, 6+6 pcs each soup bowls and spoons, 1 pcs round rice plate, 2+2(s).casserole with a lid (01)
  Melody 35 pieces dinner set for Rs. 2,150 it consists of 2 salt and pepper container, 1 round rice plate, 2 casseroles, 6 soup bowls, 6 spoons, 6 vegetable bowls, 6 quarter plates, 6 full plates.(02)
  Tea set for Rs. 2299 a convenient choice for everyday use as it is made of microwave-safe, chip-resistant and 100% recyclable material it has 6cups, 6 saucers, 1 tea pot, 1 sugar pot, 1 milk pot (07)
  Temptations range 20 pieces dinner set for Rs.3299 it contains; 6 full plates, 6 quarter plates, 6 vegetable bowls, 2 salt and pepper container (03)
  This type 29 pieces dinner set is available in multiple designs (B)
  This type 35 pieces dinner set is available in multiple designs (A)


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La Opala dinner set La Opala dinner set

Intro : La Opala dinner set, a premium collection of lifestyle tableware is a unique blend of style and substance. This new range comes with enhanced features that not only make it stronger and safer but distinguishably classier. In comparison to the normal annealed glassware, the tempered opal glassware has greater resistance to impact and have longer usage life. Every design of La Opala makes a style statement of distinction for its owner.
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Rohitash Singh Is it possible to get one Fl. Full Plate of La Opala Melody set?

Asked By Rohitash Singh - 1 answers - at 05/09/2010 04:02 PM


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