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I Too Had A Love Story
I Too Had A Love Story
Price (MRP): Rs. 99
Intro : I Too Had A Love Story is a fiction debut novel by Ravinder Singh’s. A celebrated maxim says that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. This novel proves the maxim true and beautifully depicts the beauty and power of true love through the writer’s own heart touching love story Reading this book is all the more enjoyable as the reader relates and identifies with the writer. Soft and light hearted humor strewn throughout adds an entertainment quotient to the story. The writer tickles a funny bone as he talks about his paranoia when revealing his affair to his parents The fact that the writer does not make any effort to impress the readers with lofty words and articulations point to the honesty of the writer’s feelings The writer has summed up the essence of his story in the most appealing terms. Those for whom love is the most beautiful feeling above human definitions and parameters the book will make for an ever cherished experience
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  Along with the innate beauty of their love story, the expression of the subtle emotions in the most simple and lucid way makes it special
  Impatiently waiting for the next phone call, little surprises bringing them closer, late night conversations, tears and smiles, all these make it a read-till-finish book
  It is the narrative of the journey of meeting of two strangers Ravinder and Khushi through a matrimonial site to the point, where their relationship becomes the most precious gift of Almighty.
  It reminds that a beloved can save his love till where God intervenes
  Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of love
  Some are born, just to experience the abbreviation of it
  The readers can feel their warmth and closeness in the lively and picturesque account of how they longed to be with each other in the rain, the coaxing and cajoling after the tiffs and trying to feel each other in imagination
  The throbbing curiosity, the irrepressible apprehensions and the overpowering excitement and happiness to meet Khushi in person for the first time takes the story to a crescendo of feelings, emotion and action
  The writer has successfully brought out the depth of their relationship through the lively and graphic delineation of their conversation, feelings and emotions
  Those for whom love is the most beautiful feeling above human definitions and parameters the book will make for an ever cherished experience Tear will roll down when an accident leave Khushi battling with death and Ravinder shattered


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