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Intro : Walden guitars are manufactured in a state of the art factory by one of the worlds largest musical instrument makers. Walden Natura acoustic guitars are the ultimate acoustic instrument. Like aging a fine wine, the more you play a Walden, the better it will sound. The Walden N350CE which is an affordable Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar that Walden offers with great features and built with Walden's well earned reputation for quality. The Walden N350CE with designs inspired by the of legendary Classical Guitar makers d'Antonio Torres Jurado and Hermann Hauser
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  An ultra-thin, naturally aging satin nitrocellulose lacquer the soundboard rings loud and true without any impedance; Torres-Hauser inspired fan soundboard bracing
  At the heart of the system is the Classic equalizer, which utilizes the Fishman Sonicore coaxial under-saddle pickup, letting players zero in on the four key frequency bands for acoustic guitar.
  Classical body shape, nut width is 51mm, Spruce plywood top Sapele Mahogany back & sides, solid Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, Nickel plated tuners, wood rosette, black plastic binding, gold and black tuners, 51mm nut width
  Classical body shape, spruce top, Sapele Mahogany back and side, solid Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, black plastic binding, nickel plated tuners, wood rosette traditional fan soundboard bracing, 2" neck nut width
  The "Brilliance" slider which adds a pleasing shimmer and sparkle to your classical sound. It zeros in on "extra crispy" high frequency tones; the realm of harmonics and acoustic string sound
  The Fishman Classic 4 preamp system allows you to mold your sound without losing anything in the translation and offers the quality sound and versatile tone shaping
  Walden Guitars Natura Series N550CE Cutaway Classical Guitar Rs.13,200 featuring a Solid Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany sides and back, a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge the N550CE rings with superb sustain and articulation.
  Walden N350 Classical Acoustic Guitar for Rs.7, 300; they offer great acoustic tone and build quality, solid top acoustic guitars with nitrocellulose, plant fiber, lacquer finish and 2-way truss rod,
  Walden N350CE Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar for Rs.9, 200; featuring an onboard active pickup system and a Venetian cutaway for upper fret ace, Torres-Hauser inspired fan soundboard bracing, natural gloss finish


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