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Intro : Bajaj Chimneys are available in 6 variants HX1, HX2, HX3, HX7, HX8 and HX 11. These electrical chimneys are now a necessity for the modern household. As the houses are small and the cooking aromas and soot get circulated in the house and cause pollution. This pollution can cause asthma and other respiratory diseases, so to remain healthy it is a must
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  Also available model HX11 in 90cms
  Chimneys HX 1, sturdy straight line model with black powder costing to suit décor, chrome push button control panel,
  Chimneys HX 2, black powder coated straight line model, chrome push button control panel, powerful twin suction - 500m3/hr, size 60 cms with cassette filter,
  Chimneys HX 3, sturdy stainless steel straight line model to suit décor, chrome push button control panel,
  Chimneys HX 7, stainless steel straight line model, chrome push button control panel, powerful twin suction - 500m3/hr, size 60 cms with cassette filter
  Chimneys HX 8, sturdy stainless steel hood shaped model, hi-tech design maintain to freshness, powerful suction - 930m3/hr, size 60 cms with cassette filter, compatible for re-circulation with optional charcoal filters
  HX 1 has powerful twin suction - 500m3/hr, size 60 cms with aluminum grease filter, optional charcoal filters for re-circulation mode. optional baffle filter
  HX 2 has optional charcoal filters for re-circulation mode optional baffle filter
  HX 3 has powerful twin suction - 500m3/hr, size 60 cms with aluminum grease filter, optional charcoal filters for re-circulation mode
  HX 7 has optional charcoal filters for re-circulation mode, optional baffle filter


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kavitha balaji Chimney's net came out of its frame while washing. Want new one?

Asked By kavitha balaji - 1 answers - at 20/06/2012 10:39 AM


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