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Price (MRP): Rs. 29,000
Intro : Apple launched the ingenious new iPod nano dubbed 'iWatch', arguably the smallest music player in the market which can be worn on the wrist. It is functionally similar to the iPod and iPhone and also boasts a 'multi-touch' screen, allowing more than one finger to be used on the screen at once. The iWatch, the latest addition to the iPod family, boasts a clock face which appears with the flick of a button but still allows users to view pictures and track your movements. Gamers are happy with the release of new iPhone software which allows for live competition gaming with other iPod and iPhone users worldwide.
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  16GB of storage for music and pictures along with weather forecast system
  A 'multi-touch' screen, allowing more than one finger to be used on the screen at a time.
  Connectivity with iPhone and iPad
  Its battery life is also impressive, with 24 hours of music playback in addition to an FM radio.
  LCD projector, with that a user can beam their photos and videos on a wall or something similar in order to watch them.
  New front and rear-facing cameras complete the make-over
  The Apple iWatch (wrist device) has an aluminum body
  The fourth-generation of iPod Touch has a new slim line appearance and now uses the same high-definition screen as the iPhone 4.
  The tiny player measures just 1.48 inches by 1.61 inches by 0.35 inches and weighs 21 grams.
  WiFi and Bluetooth, Integrated RSS reader.


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Price : Rs. 23,000
Intro : Apple iPad is a brand new tablet style multimedia computer the best way to experience the web, emai, photos and videos.The base model with Wi-Fi without 3G comes with a 16GB flash memory and costs Rs.23000. The 64 GB Wi-Fi version costs Rs32000.The base model with both Wi-Fi and 3G costs Rs.29000 and the top most model with 64GB costs Rs.38000. This Apple tablet will allow users to play music, read digital books, watch movies, and also surf the internet. The iPad runs almost all of the over 140,000 apps on the App Store. i Pad comes with pre-installed apps such as Safari Browser, Youtube app, iPod app, iTunes, iBooks (similar to amazon kindle), Maps (google maps), Notes, App Store, Calender, Contacts etc. The display has fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously The input and output devices are dock connector, 3.5-mm stereo, headphone jack, built-in speakers, microphone, SIM card tray (Wi-Fi + 3G model only) .
Apple iPhone 4 Apple iPhone 4

Price : Rs. 40,000
Intro : The new iPhone 4 is the biggest update to the iPhone in a couple of years, it features a completely new design, as well as the latest version of Apple's iPhone operating system, iOS 4. The iPhone 4 features a completely new design over the iPhone 3G and 3GS, there is of course the new retina display on the front, which features toughened glass, and the back of the iPhone 4 is also made from the same toughened glass.
Apple iPod Touch Apple iPod Touch

Price : Rs. 12,900
Intro : Apple iPod Touch has Face Time lets you hang out and catch up with friends in an entirely new way. With just a tap, you can see what your friends are up to all you need to get started is an Apple ID and an email account. Two cameras, two views. : one on the front, which focuses on you. And one on the back, which focuses on what's in front of you. Face Time lets you switch between them at any time during a video call. Just tap a button. So if you're people-watching at a coffee shop and you spot someone entertaining (or famous), your friend gets to see them too. The Retina display on iPod touch brings out the best in anything on it. That's because it's the highest-resolution iPod screen ever, which makes graphics and images stunningly sharp, and text amazingly crisp. Just like the printed page. It has a great HD video camera you're ready to capture the moment in all its glory. In high-definition 720p video. You can record video in low-light settings, thanks to the advanced backside illumination sensor. You can even edit and create your own mini-blockbuster on iPod touch using the new iMovie app - with Apple-designed themes, titles and transitions. The new Game Center app on iPod touch lets you add more players to your gaming network. Invite friends to join. With iPod touch, you don't just play your music. You hear it, and see it, in entirely different ways. Let Genius search your library and automatically create a mix just for you. Or give Genius playlist a go, and Genius will use a song you really love to find other tracks from your library that go great with it. You can also view album art in Cover Flow. Or shake to shuffle for a fresh take on your music library. You can take all the video podcasts and home movies in your collection with you everywhere you go. Just sync them to your iPod touch, tap the on-screen controls, and watch them on the amazing 3.5-inch color widescreen Your favorite videos are now playing on a subway train or plane near you.
Apple iPod Nano Apple iPod Nano

Price : Rs. 8,500
Intro : iPod nano with Multi-Touch is designed to be easy, intuitive and fun-just like music. Now it's half the size and even easier to play. And everything you want to hear is just a tap or swipe away. In sleek anodized aluminum and seven bright colors. Show off your album art, photos and the color-coordinated wallpaper on the 1.5-inch color display with 240x240-pixel resolution. It's tiny yet stunning. You can just clip it to your sleeve, jacket or bag. With the built-in 30-pin connector, you can easily plug iPod nano into your car stereo system, your speakers at home and many other products made for iPod. iPod nano is 46 per cent smaller, 42 per cent lighter and 100 per cent made for music with Multi-Touch. It's the perfect size for a tap or a swipe, so fingertips feel right at home. Tap an album cover to show song controls. Swipe left to see Repeat, Genius and Shuffle controls. Shake iPod nano to shuffle songs. Tap Genius Mixes to hear songs that go great together. Or create a Genius playlist by playing a song you like, and tapping the song control.FM radio, tap to show radio controls. Flick the radio dial to change stations, or tap to set favorites. Swipe left to show Live Pause controls
Apple iPod Shuffle Apple iPod Shuffle

Price : Rs. 3,200
Intro : Apple iPod Shuffle design is beautiful as it is wearable clip it to your shirt, jacket, workout gear, backpack or purse strap. Its main body is crafted from a single piece of aluminum and polished to a beautiful shine. It is solid, sleek and durable with five brilliant colors gleaming silver, blue, green, orange or pink. With up to 15 hours of battery life,1 Pod shuffle gives you 2GB of storage capacity, which can hold hundreds of songs. Control your music with just a click press the centre button to play and pause. Press the outer buttons to skip forward or back and adjust volume. Just flip the shuffle switch to suit your listening style. Flip it to the left, and you'll hear your music in a refreshingly random way. Flip it to the middle, and your songs play in order. Or flip to the right to turn iPod shuffle off. Give your songs a voice say you're listening to a song and want to know the title or the artist. Just press the new Voice Over button on top of your iPod shuffle, and it tells you 3.You can even use Voice Over to hear the names of playlists and switch between them. And if your battery needs charging, Voice Over tells you that too. Voice Over speaks 25 different languages. So it can tell you song titles and artists in their native tongues or any language you choose. Sync to your heart's content iTunes on your Mac or PC makes it easy to load up your iPod shuffle. Just choose the playlists, podcasts and other audio files you want, then sync. You probably have multiple playlists in iTunes on your computer. Sync all those playlists to iPod shuffle, and you can play the perfect mix for whatever mood strikes you. Voice Over tells you the name of each playlist, so it's easy to switch between them and find the one you want without looking. Activate Genius in iTunes on your computer, and it automatically finds songs that sound great together. Then it creates Genius Mixes, which you can easily sync to your iPod shuffle.

Apple iWatch Reviews

  Guest wrote on 20/07/2012 08:28 PM
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i want
  Aditya Mathur wrote on 06/06/2012 11:16 AM
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iWatch looks good but baterry life of this product is not good and is very slow
  Anurag Hans wrote on 10/05/2012 11:29 AM
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Apple I watch is launched by Apple brand. Lookwise it is awesome but no one likes to wear because it looks bad when anyone wear it.
  Guest wrote on 06/05/2012 12:04 PM
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the new apple iwatch is just amazing.its capacity is the same of an iphone.i'm surely gonna get one for me.-marziyadolare-kalyan

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